Premium Cleaning,

Get on-demand laundry, complete with pickup & delivery

Wash All You Can

Absolutely No limit to what you can wash or dry-clean — just your dirty clothes.

Manage orders

Add new items, remove and reschedule orders.

Pickup & delivery

Pickup and delivery at your convenience.

Priority Service

Clean clothes; faster than usual.

Delicate Clothings

Proper handling of delicate fabrics. We will treat them carefully, just as you would.

Multiple Payment Options

Convenient payment options. Online, or on delivery.


Know the status of your orders at any time.

Real-time Updates

Updates, when your order is ready and set up time for delivery.

How It Works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3


Schedule Pickup

Sign-Up or Login to your account. Start a new order and enter the day & time for pickup.


Hands Off To Garment Care

A friendly Garment Care dispatch staff arrives at your doorstep with a laundry bag to pick up your laundry.



Your clothes are returned to you on the designated delivery date with a smile.

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